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Advertising break-thru

1. Make it simple
2. Say it often

Look at McDonalds. It’s what they have done for a long time.
1) They make the message simple.
2) They say it often.
Make it simple. Say it often. Make it simple. Say it often. Make it simple.

How do you get your full dollar’s worth every time you advertise?
The simple message sticks. Then when you run it again, it goes in deeper in the mind, then deeper and deeper. In the old days advertisers used price and item. Each ad started from zero. With Break-thru power, you sharpen your simple.

What is your simple message?
Can you get it down to 3-5-7 words? Try. In real life, less is more. The sooner you get your simple message, the sooner you’ll get 100% impact for your advertising investment.

So, what is your simple message?